Project Facilitator

Need strategic planning assistance with thinking through how to design your own participatory process? Need support determining exactly what you want participants to learn and planning targeted activities to support this learning? Need assistance determining how to continually adapt to the changing needs of both the participants and the participatory process? I can assist your organization in creating an activity system model of your participatory process. An activity system model requires identifying key individual components of a participatory process and thinking about how the different components work as a whole. This model can then guide your thinking about how your process could/should proceed or change to meet the needs of participants and the goals of the process.

As an experienced facilitator, I can assist groups, whether large or small, in developing participatory processes that are sensitive to the differentiated learning needs of the various groups. Facilitation can be bilingual (Spanish and English) if needed.

Project Researcher

I can work with individuals, teams, communities, and organizations to reflect on their professional practices and figure out how to improve them to meet their goals. This work can include creating tools to help assess and redesign initial programs or processes to meet multiple participants’ needs. An experienced hand can assist you in gauging how your participatory process or program is working and the extent to which you are meeting your intended goals.

Professional Development

Do you need guidance in setting realistic, yet aspiring goals and creating a plan to achieve them? Do you need someone to check in and hold you accountable for acting on your plan? My personalized professional development can be tailored to your specific needs, based on the kinds of goals you need to work on.

Are you teaching courses that deal with urban issues? From sociology to community development, urban studies, and planning, I can help you design a strong syllabus that aligns your learning objectives, instructional materials, activities, and evaluations.